99.9% Chance of Rain, 100% Chance of Rainbows

This blog marks my official first week in New Zealand; first week of freedom, first week marking the rest of my life, first week unemployed (technically 3rd but it’s just setting in now)…however you look at it, I have been here for a full week and there is no turning back.

At this point:

I have been to 8 cities/regions…(Auckland, Paihia, Whangerei, Russel, Bay of Islands, Te Kao, Pukenui & Cape Reinga)

I have stayed in 3 hostels … (Technically 2 but the boat I stayed in over night was actually better quality than the hostels so I’ll count it.)

I have been on 3 different boats… (5 if you count the two dingys I had to hop on to get to the boat cruise)

I have tried 3 different New Zealand beers…I’ve only liked 1 of them for the record.

I have eaten fish and chips 3 days in a row … (The best in Paihia in a small street shop alone the water called Vinnies Takeaways)

I have only been made fun of from being from “Trumpland” twice and it was by the same bus driver but let’s be honest, I’m in for far more jokes.

I can count the friends I have made on both hands, for the record its 9 but I can only remember the names of 5.



Anyhow, we’ll cut the long story short…yes I love New Zealand who wouldn’t. No, I do not regret quitting my job to move across the world alone and more importantly… Yes, I am on an active search to find ways to extend my holiday working visa because no offence America, New Zealand does it right. As my first post, on the blog I swore I would never create but I cannot keep all these fun stories and experiences to myself, I’ll explain myself and more importantly I’ll explain my rad blog name.

You obviously know me since I first shared this on Facebook- or you were lucky enough to get a private message with my link because I must really like you. I caught the travel bug on the first trip I can remember with my family to Hawaii when I was a kiddo and since then it’s been work to travel, text parents for money to travel, study abroad so you can skip class to travel, nanny to travel and skip weekends at the bars to save money to travel. (We can’t forget the 3 magical years I spent with lululemon though… sup lemons!)

Bay of Islands

Believe it or not though, those quick trips only fuel the fire that the travel bug starts inside of you, it never cures it. It will never be enough if you truly have the travel bug, as long as you are leaving the country with a round trip ticket it will never be enough because that means you have to turn back at some point. The culture, the food, the music, the people the fact that you are somewhere more exciting than where you came from with that certain type of freedom you’ll never have at home…for those reasons, you’ll forever be cursed (I say blessed) with the travel bug.

All melodrama aside that is why I bought a one way ticket to the furthest place from the US. I love America, I celebrate the 4th of July like it’s my own birthday but the world is TOO big, there is too much to see, too many different foods to eat and wines to drink and too many natural wonders to experience for yourself. If you are anything like me, then you know even after New Zealand I still wont be satisfied- but isn’t that the beauty of finding that one thing that fuels your fire? You never stop and more importantly, you’ll never let anything stop you. (If anyone from lululemon is reading this and you don’t feel the same way about your life… I suggest you brush up on your POL in living in #possibility).

Paihia aka Heaven

NOW… the moment you’ve been waiting for…. why Sweet As Kiwi? My first day in New Zealand almost every conversation I was in with a Kiwi or eaves dropping in on between Kiwis (oops not sorry) they would in loose terms say “Sweet as mate, catch ya later,” “Ah yeah sweet as,” “Sweet as, sweet as.” If you still aren’t catching on, google it. As for the kiwi part…its up to you, am I literally sweet as kiwi or is it just a play on what New Zealand citizens are called?

Share my blog, message me about my blog, love it, hate it, I’m not too worried about any of it. But I can assure you at times my blog will either get real touristy about excursions I have been on or they will get real vulnerable because shits getting real over here and I need to use this as my cyber journal. But more importantly, stay tuned 🙂

probably the 4th time it rained that day



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